Donghaeng Intellectual Property Office believes that clients, employees and the company grow together and has achieved a corporate culture for customer satisfaction and the happiness of Donghaeng employees.

Energetic work environment

Donghaeng is located on Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu the mecca of startups and venture companies in Korea where it starts its day filled with energy. Most types of public transportation service the area conveniently, thus reducing commuting stress of employees.
The lounge at Donghaeng is also full of fun snacks and has energetic vibes.

Great work system

Using the time given to individuals is important for people to live a perfectly balanced work and private life.
Donghaeng offers 30 minutes early off programs, half-day leaves, refresher leaves, funeral leaves, wedding leaves, etc. to create a flexible work environment. After important projects are completed, employees are offered vacations so that they may take care of their condition.


Communication among employees are essential for corporate development and to improve satisfaction of individuals. Furthermore, organizations with higher personal satisfaction have higher organizational efficiency.
Donghaeng offers tea times in comfortable environments with the participation of all employees and recommend mutual communication. All employees share meals together to create a horizontal relationship rather than a vertical relationship. Parties are held regularly for all kinds of issues at the company so that employees can have the opportunity to communicate and interact with each other.

Self-development support

Under the value that the growth of employees is synonymous with the growth of Donghaeng, employees are strongly encouraged to participate in various education and training programs.
Support is provided for employees to participate in seminars and training related to intellectual property rights in order to elevate their competence in the field, and small group seminars are held regularly within the company regarding intellectual property rights. The company provides financial support for self-development including education costs for external foreign language institutes, book costs, etc. so that employees may improve their individual competence.