Patent Application/Registration
  • Patent, design and trademark application/registration
  • Existing technology investigation
  • Copyright registration
  • Government expense support project consulting
IP Consulting
  • Patent trend surveys (Patent Map)
  • Construct IP portfolio and technology road map
  • Customized survey analysis projects for companies and institutes
  • Industry-academic cooperation project consulting
  • Tangible/intangible investigation of existing IP
  • Present core IP procurement plan through avoiding designs
  • Infringement analysis and review
Patent Management
  • IP assurance, corporate fund exit, etc.
  • Venture company, technology and product certification
  • Fund procurement
  • Technology investment
  • Possesses the best English and Chinese translators who completed interpretation and translation graduate schools
  • All translations are proofread by the patent attorney in charge
  • Conducts ongoing IP education to maintain quality of translations
Response to IP Disputes
  • Consulting for resolving disputes
  • Trials and lawsuits for intellectual property right cases
  • Consulting for international IP disputes and strategy advice
  • Consulting for government expense support projects
Donghaeng Intellectual Property Office has maintained close relationships for a long time with overseas representatives of major IP5 countries and it has the strength in that it can accurately and precisely handle overseas cases. In particular, it not only verified overseas representatives through long periods of communication but it can also communicate quickly for immediate work processing.