Abundant practical industry-academic-research experience

+ outstanding patent attorney experience synergy effects

Donghaeng Intellectual Property Office provides specialized services that meet customer needs based on various experiences accumulated in various companies, universities and research centers.

The patent attorneys at Donghaeng have abundant experiences at small, medium and large companies, and worked at industry-academic cooperation teams of universities, thus having various experiences in support projects and government projects, and there are also some who have extensive experience in the practical duties as researchers at various university research centers.

We help clients to easily understand the complex issues related to intellectual property rights, and we also help clients to proceed with operations related to intellectual property rights according to the level and standards of clients.

Providing specialized services customized to clients

Since its establishment, Donghaeng Intellectual Property Office has provided not only the patent application duties of individuals, small and medium enterprises, conglomerates, startups, ventures, and mid-level companies, but also optimized solutions according to the situation of clients based on our experience in various government support projects.
We help each client to establish intellectual property right strategies as well as optimized and customized services for its execution and utilization.

Your partner from intellectual property right application to registration

Donghaeng Intellectual Property Office always stands next to our clients and based on the founding ideology of Donghaeng to growth together with clients, we strive to be a lasting partner of clients.
As soon as we meet with clients, we strive for the development of our clients from not only applications for our clients’ intellectual property rights, but also for intellectual property rights education, dispute lawsuit consulting, technology purchase and transfer, etc.
Donghaeng starts with consulting for clients, and will act as a devoted partner for patent application, overseas patent application, disputes and lawsuits, and will help clients for all intellectual property-related and other needs.